...a software suite developed in the PEP project for the computation and analysis of large ensembles of lagrangian transport trajectories.
Specific context: Thomas' work in the AGNLD, University of Potsdam.

You are free to download and use the source code freely under an MIT License. For any details contact me under

You can access it via subversion: svn://


The main publication featuring PEP-Tracer is "Influence of interactive stratospheric chemistry on large-scale air mass exchange in a global circulation model" by Orgis et al., published in the European Physical Journal Special Topics, vol. 174, with the DOI 10.1140/epjst/e2009-01105-8. The article is also available here in my personal layout: The article, A4 full-page PDF. I am preparing a PDF formatted for small eReader screens, it will be published here once I tested it on my own device.